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Premiers 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016


Kew Comets Colts-

Match Reports

Rounds 1-7

Section Title

Kew: 11. 16- 82

Doncaster: 5. 5- 23

The Kew Colts approached this game fresh and full of confidence after a week off and an incredible 7 - 0 start to the season. They head reason to be confident. Skipper Josh Maccarone was back in, as was the mercurial Oscar Reid. Versatile tall Jude Meek also returned after two weeks out with injury. This was the first time the Colts ran out to play on the beautiful Victoria Park turf in 2017. They were rearing to go but had the team structures firmly in their minds after a few words from head coach, Max Waters.

The Doncaster team were full of big bodies and they came out to play in the first 5 minutes. It didn't take long before the Kew boys hit the scoreboard and started winning the ball at every contest. The courageous Dan Fisher was dominant across back before going down with yet another head knock. It didn't take long before Max Poletti started winning the contested ball out of the middle. Liam Reynen was dominant in the ruck and Finn Pike started providing the run and carry we have come to expect from him. Kew went into the quarter time huddle up by 14 points. In the second quarter, Angus Adamson dominated through the midfield and put the ball out in front of Brayden King and full forward, Jesse Bianco. Sam Gollings cleaned up everything across half-back and used his deadly right (and left) boot to send the Cubs forward. Cooper Bond was honest as always and John Kinsman's form on Saturday confirmed him as one of the best defenders the competition. The Cubs kept Doncaster goalless in the second quarter as they kicked 4.5 and went into rooms at half time up 6-9-45 to 0-2-2.

The Cubs lifted another gear in the second half as they quickly put the game out of reach for Doncaster. Matt Salvatore continued applying pressure around the contest and Jay Andrews was tackling like a man possessed! Harry Whitehead not only beat his man convincingly, but was able to break the lines and provide run and carry all day. Tim Rasdell continued his fine season while Josh Maccarone led from the front in the midfield. Doncaster kicked a couple of late goals in the 4th quarter but it was too little, too late. As they have been doing all year, the Kew Colts wore down their opposition with their relentless pressure around the contest and smart ball use. The Kew boys ran out 59-point winners.