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2017 Brutal Bear Members

This year we’ve introduced 3 levels of membership as well as the opportunity to sponsor your  favourite player.


You can be a member and support the club for as little as $75.


Membership levels are :

Gold $250

Silver $150

Bronze $75


Player sponsorship $250


This is your opportunity to get behind the club and get one of our very popular beanies thrown in!

EFT is available

Glen Evans:


David Henderson 

Joe Chessari

Maria Chessari

Ian Job

Dr Ralph Newmark

Richard Pickles

Aaron Carman

Matty Jack

Greg Porte

Brett Lafranchi



Gordon Mainbridge

Brian Cullen

David Pickles

Mick Peric

Greg Toogood



Anne Henderson

Theodore Baker

Sebastian Baker

Michael Treacey

John Bradley

Martin Vana

Ian Delmenico

Tom Vana

Rob Barry

Phil Kenington