Kew Football Club

Home of the Mighty Bears 

Premiers 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016


Round 1- April 7

Kew              0.1.1      0.1.1      2.7.19   6.6.42

Marcellin     2.4.16    3.7.25    5.7.37   8.8.56

Best – A. Bruce, D.Sibasado, E.O’Beirne, L.Barr, R.Lambert, M.Fay

Goalkickers – A.Bruce (2), D.Calautti, L.Grant, R. Lambert, S. Wilmott

Our much awaited return to the VAFA coincided with a mouth watering match up against Marcellin, who were last years premiers and also the new home of 5 former Kew players – plenty to play for.

The early stages of the game belonged to Marcellin as through their athletic ruckman they gained first possession and constant entry into their forward line. Massive credit to our defence who stood up to every challenge!! Lucy, Roj, Maire, Carter, Jorge, Brydie and Lauren Grant in her first game all held sway and repelled many an attack. Our on ballers also worked back well and with great support from Molly, Dozer and Rachel on the wings we were the best part of 3 goals down but it could have been a lot worse!!

The second quarter saw us get into the game a little more and start winning more ball. Steds and Em both began to wear down the opposition ruckman and Rosh up forward was proving elusive and creative with the footy. Again, our defence was solid and restricted the opposition to 1 goal.

A couple of structural changes proved to be very beneficial and we started to get more forward entries. Bruce and Sibo starting on the half back line running through was a winner and Tara and Lauren swapping roles also paid dividends. Dani kicked a nice goal to get us on the board and Lauren followed soon after to put us right in the game. Parma’s work around the ground was awesome and Georgia also started to find more of the ball as she grew in confidence. Brydie’s voice and leadership around the packs set an example for us to follow and we outscored our opponents to set up an exciting final quarter.

The last quarter proved to be a classic. Marcellin kicked the first goal quickly but immediate responses from Rosh, Ash with 2 and a magnificent torpedo set shot from Dozer reduced the margin to 1 goal with plenty of time left!! Ice was dangerous around goal and even though she didn’t convert her energy was important to our forward set up. Marcellin responded with a late goal and they were able to hold us up for the last 5 minutes of the quarter to record a slender victory.

Considering this was our first official hit out with a vastly different team and against last years premiers, who were strengthened by strong recruiting we can be very proud of our efforts. There is a lot to work with and the way we approached our task was extremely pleasing.

A home game against strong opposition from Fitzroy awaits and a similar effort with the same intensity will hopefully bring home the 4 points!!

Well done and Go Bears!!

Round 2- April 14

Kew          0.1.1   1.6.12    1.6.12   3.8.26

Fitzroy     1.1.7    1.1.7    1.4.10   1.4.10

Best – M.Harding, A.Bruce, D.Calautti, E.O’Beirne, M.Coulter, L.Potts.

Goalkickers –  R.Lambert (2), G.Markl

What a big day lay ahead!! Our first game at home, kicking off a quadruple header, leading into the first big social event that evening – huge!!

Fitzroy finished last year on top and as such the need to respect their ability and efforts was most important. We welcomed back Mickey and included Clarkey for her first game and the wet windy conditions proved to be difficult for all.

The first half saw both teams play an extra in defence to counteract the effect of the wind and this made space difficult to find. Em, Mickey and Molly on the wing got lots of the ball and were often the instigator of many of our attacks. Ash worked incredibly hard up forward and though we had a few chances to kick goals through Ice it was Rosh’s accurate set shot that was our only major for the half – but we still led by 5 points. Again our backline combined well and held strong with Pottsy adding more flexibility as she was given a new role this week.

At halftime our focus was clear - we had to be fierce in our commitment to hold up against the wind in the third quarter – a job we did with great application and certainly some good luck. Lucy was solid in her loose man role though some of her kicking was not to her usual standards. Maire, Carter, Roj and Jorge continued to be rock solid and Tara’s long kicking out of defence proved valuable. Importantly, Parma started to lift her intensity and Brydie, who played a number of roles, was her team orientated self always supporting and putting team before self.

The last quarter was a fine way to finish off a tough contest and Mickey’s early control of the midfield battles was vital to our performance. Dozer was tough around the packs and Georgia, who had been dangerous around goals, kicked her first goal for the club. Rosh chipped in for her second and we ran out 16 point winners.

For some of our girls the conditions proved difficult – Chloe tried hard as did Caroline but just couldn’t get enough of the ball and Rach lack of opportunities are sometimes the way football goes.

Above all else it is now clear we have a squad that will fight and battle the hearts out for an entire game and this will make us very competitive against all teams. A Sunday match against the undefeated Old Xavs awaits and with a similar and continued approach hopefully we can continue to improve and come away with a victory!!

Go Bears!!

Round 3- April 22

   Kew      3.1.19   7.6.48    7.6.48   9.7.61

Old Xavs   0.0.0    1.0.6    2.1.13   3.2.20

Best – J.Metres, K.Shaw, D.Calautti, E.O’Beirne, T.Donnan, R.Selladurai

Goalkickers –  K.Shaw (3), R.Lambert, G.Markl, M.Harding, M.Coulter, D.Calautti, A.Bruce

What beautiful facilities presented themselves to all as we travelled to the immaculate surroundings of Xavier College to take on the undefeated Old Xavs. A keen sense to do well was evident amongst many of our group who had Xavier connections and our start was to the game was extremely positive.

To further enhance our mood was the wonderful showing from the Ressies who notched their first win for the season. After a couple of tough weeks the inclusion of some quality players added to specific work done during the week got the ressies home and certainly motivated the 1’s to replicate their efforts.

Our first half was excellent. The quick ball movement we had been striving for clicked into gear and all around the ground we led Xavs to the ball and were the instigators of all attacking forays. Joelle, returning from VFL duties, Dani and Mickey were constant ball winners at all stoppages and the disposal into our forward line was fast and accurate. Brydie’s presence up forward proved to be a winner and though she didn’t score, her willingness to work hard and create chances for others was not unnoticed.

Ice finally forgot about wanting to kick goals and just did the necessary things that small forwards do and lo and behold goals came her way – go figure!!! Georgia continued her development and the inclusion of Burgs added so much footy knowledge to our structure and helped us in so many ways. Rosh chipped in with her customary clever goal and our forward structure was working well.

Our backline continued its stingy way and kept the Xavs to just one goal at half time. Tara led this division well and with Roj, Parma, Maire, Jorge and Lauren, back after illness, they met and rebounded every attack to constantly repel and start many of our attacks. Carter had been solid and his delivery from half back was awesome and to lose him to a solid bump was not ideal. Pottsy’s role continues to grow in importance as she plays back and can cover opponents both large and small.

The wing rotations of Molly, Rach and Dozer were proving beneficial and overall our performance was most pleasing!! Em’s constant grind against taller, stronger opposition continued but as she stated in her polished after match interview she found a way to nullify her opponent and get herself more into the game.

The second half proved to be a much tougher affair. It was evident that Xavs had received a fair rev up and their tackling and commitment towards the contest intensified. We were ready and prepared for this and though our scoring dried up our willingness to match their desire was certainly there and emphasized our ability to get the job done in any way it needed to.

Brucey kicked an important goal early in the last quarter which was exactly what we needed and though not fluent we never lost control of the game and the ability to hold up their attacking forays.

A very fine effort and a successful day for the Kew Women’s football club!! To have another solid win, defeat a competitor who had started the season well and further enhance our season was very pleasing and a satisfying result was had by all.

Many thanks to all our helpers – Jasmine, Floss, Tassie, Maddie Shevlin, Lucy P., Drummo, girls from the ressies who ran water, Courtney who goal umpired – you make our job so much easier!! ( hope I didn’t leave anyone out!)

Also, the support the girls and boys of the Kew F.C. gave each other over the weekend was awesome. Having the boys play Saturday and the girls play Sunday allowed the club to get around each other and this is exactly what we did!!

Great work Bears – let’s keep the season moving in this most positive direction!!

Go Bears!!

Round 4- May 5

Kew           3.3.21   9.5.59    10.7.67   12.8.80

Caulfield    0.2.2     1.4.10     2.5.17     3.5.23

Best- J. Metres, D. Calautti, D. Sibasado, T. Donnan, M. Harding, L. Barr

Goal Kickers- T. Donnan (4), K. Shaw (2), R. Lambert, L. Plisko, D. Sibasado, J. Metres, D. Calautti, A. Bruce

Two weeks can seem like a long time and the team was keen to get back into the swing of things against Caulfield Grammarians. Though last on the ladder, Caulfield’s results had all been relatively close so a focus for us was to be switched on from the first bounce.

Some structural changes saw Tara switch to CHF and Rosh to a wing and immeadiately these proved successful. Tara’s leading and contesting created opportunities which were capitalized on and though our first 5 to 7 mins were not great we still led by the best part of 3 goals at quarter time.

The second quarter again saw an arm wrestle early as Caufield made us work very hard. Then it all clicked!! Our midfield was dominant, the delivery into the forward line precise and the movement was quick and gave our forwards every chance to convert. Ice, after a spat with the coach, became a dangerous target and with Sibo and Ash buzzing about and causing havoc we looked awesome. Tara added to her tally and had 4 at half time!!

To their credit Caulfield came hard after half time and took the game on. They played on at every opportunity and proved to be a worthy opponent. Importantly we met their challenge and refused to yield and gave just as good as we got. Our backline was again extremely tight and cohesive in the way they managed their opponents. Though undersized we continued to repel their attacks and Pottsy, Lauren, Roj, Lucy, Jo, Jorge and Maire all can hold their heads high!!

Around the ground we had great drive from Dani, Mickey Jo and Parma and they certainly sparked us on many occasions and drove us into attack continuously. Micky also took her turn in defence and Em and Brydie continue to battle against taller opponents and negate their influence. Molly, Rach and Rosh did well on the wings and Rosh kicked her usual goal when switched forward. Burgs continues to get better and her smarts and direction on field are so important to the way we function.

Another good win with the disparity in the scores not truly indicating the closeness of the contest!!

We came out of the game with some concerns – Dozer’s first contest resulted in a corky but typically she battled on without complaint! Ash and Maire had some slight leg issues, Lucy couldn’t stop her nose from bleeding, Em battled illness and Rach copped a blow in the midriff  which left her short of breath. This was on top of Georgia’s withdrawal due to illness so please make sure you are all managing these little niggles properly!!!

Well done to all and I’m sure there was some more damage done during the KEWCHELLA festivities later that night!!

Go Bears!!

Round 5- May 12

Kew             3.1.19   4.1.25   6.2.38   6.3.39

Old Trinity    0.3.3     1.3.9    1.4.10   1.4.10

Best- L.Grant, G.Wignall, L.Barr, D.Calautti, A.Bruce, J.Metres, R.Ayres

Goal Kickers- A.Bruce (2), K.Shaw, G.Markl, J.Metres, D.Calautti

After one of the wildest weather days for a long time on the Friday before we played, a pleasant surprise greeted all at Old Trinity’s home venue in Bulleen. Perfect ground conditions and a large ground made for an excellent display of footy though the strong breeze favoured the Northern end of the ground

Winning the toss and kicking with the breeze we got off to a fast start. Burgs only touch for the game, before injury, led to Brydie coming out to take a great mark and then quickly passing to Ash who made no mistake from a set shot.  Dani’s quick thinking to kick off the ground landed the ball in Ice’s hands and we had 2!! Jo’s kick into the goal square led to a clean gather by Georgia who snapped as she was tackled and 3 goals to nil in the quarter was a nice reward for quick movement.  The whole quarter was not as simple as that and OT’s were extremely competitive and really took it up to us. Brucey set us up with many strong attacks on the ball and Sib continued to buzz about and play the game at a furious pace. Our on ball brigade did led by Joelle did well and Em battled hard again against taller opposition.

The next 3 quarters were keenly fought. I thought our second quarter was not up to our usual standard and lots of loose checking allowed the OT girls far too much latitude!! Our  defence, with Parma and Lauren in excellent form, held sway and a handy lead was ours at halftime.

We again used the wind better than our opponents in the 3rd but overall probably didn’t take our chances. Rach, Rosh and Carter, playing his 50th game, all contributed and Ness and CLP, both playing their first games for the year had good moments showing they weren’t out of place. The best part of 5 goals separated the teams with OT having the final use of the breeze.

In many ways, I thought this was our best quarter. Lucy and George were great and almost impassable and Dozer upped her work rate just when the team needed it most. Pottsy and Maire had controlled their opponents all day and formed with their team mates another great display of defensive football. Dani got more and more of the ball as the game progressed and Micky continued to read the game beautifully often mopping up and staring attacks from behind centre.

By game’s end a 29 point victory was ours. Pleasingly, every player played their part and contributed to a solid team effort. OT again showed that there are no easy games in this competition and every victory needs to be worked for.

I can safely say that we are now a very committed, focused side. Every week we bust our backsides off to get the best result possible and this is most pleasing. A talented Melbourne Uni side awaits and this will be great challenge for us.

Another solid effort – Go Bears!!!

Round 6- May 19

Kew:                       0.1.1   1.3.9    3.4.22   5.5.35

Melbourne Uni:    1.0.6  2.3.15    3.4.22   5.5.35

Best: L.Potts, T.Donnan, L.Barr, C.O’Reagan, A.Bruce, J.Metres, E.O’Beirne

Goal Kickers: T.Donnan (3), K.Shaw, M.Fay

Our match against Melbourne Uni was so important on so many levels and fittingly the clash lived up to the billing it had received.

Donning the Pride jumpers and representing the club was a big deal for all Kew girls this week and playing against a strong Uni team bolstered by a few of their VFL players would certainly test our resolve. Losing Mickey and Burgs was a blow but Tara coming back in was a big bonus – and so it proved.

The first half was disappointing and not only didn’t we take any of our chances we allowed Uni too much space and time and they converted. The contest around the ground was good but our forward line didn’t hold the ball in and allowed our opponents to rebound easier than I would have liked. We also played too wide and though the centre was muddy we could have used the corridor much better. Even though this was the case the deficit at half time was only a goal. Maire’s snap which dribbled through was a highlight and our only goal of the half.

The 3rd quarter saw better cohesion and more involvement from more of our players. Tara kicked a beautiful set shot after a whack to the head and her snap later in the quarter helped us to draw level. Our backline was strong. Pottsy’s delivery and mopping up was awesome and Carter and Parma continually drove us forward. Jorge and Lauren held their dangerous opponents well and we believed we could run over them in the last quarter.

A fast start was asked for and it came – but unfortunately it was Uni who got it!! As good teams do we responded and refused to buckle and Tara with her third and Ice cherry picking in the square saw us draw level again with 2 minutes to play. A last foray saw the ball deep into our forward 50 when, unfortunately, the siren sounded and the teams could not be split.

A terrific game!! Jo, Dani and Em were super triers all day and our wingers, Molly, Dozer and Rach all did well. Rosh, unsighted in the first half got more of it as the game wore on and Georgia got her hands on the ball more this week and tackled well. Siba flashed in and out and provided great energy and Brydie’s improved ruck work assisted Em to battle against a taller, talented opponent. Brucey was really important and it’s the second week in a row her early contribution to games has helped us get going.  Ness Webb played a number of roles and her lead and mark in the last quarter came at an important time of the match. CLP, though not getting much of it, always tries hard and showed her club spirit by going on and playing a game for the reserves.

We keep meeting all challenges and of that I am very proud of everyone’s efforts. We have a great team ethic and a real camaraderie about us at the moment and this can take sides along way.

However, some of our pre game readiness is not what it should be and though it was an early start it’s important we get this right.Next round we play last year’s grand finalists St.Kevins and after their excellent win against Fitzroy they will be a more than worthy opponent

A big day for all and a great cause supported by a great club!!

Go Bears!!


Round 8- June 2

Fitzroy:                        0.1.1                1.4.12              2.4.16              3.4.22

Kew:                            1.1.7                 2.1.13             4.2.26              4.3.27                                     

Best: E. O’Beirne, M. Harding, J. Burger, D. Calautti, D. Sibosado, L. Barr

Goal Kickers: J. Burger, G. Markl, R. Lambert, K. Shaw

Ramsden Street, for those that don’t know, always filled me with fear!! In my playing days a team called Collingwood Districts played here and playing against them was one of the least enjoyable moments of my footballing career!!

But the current Bears side hold no such fears and our clash with Fitzroy again proved to be a close, hard fought encounter. Fitzroy had held ladder leader Marcellin to draw 2 weeks ago but lost to Old Xavs last week so it was expected that they would bounce back hard against us.

And so it proved! Winning the toss we kicked with a slight breeze and had a good amount of the ball. Em was awesome in the ruck against a larger, stronger duo and this gave Dani, Mickey and Parma good use of the footy. We attacked without reward until Burgs read a kick beautifully, marked and calmly slotted a goal to give us deserved lead at quarter time.

A great set shot from Ice got us off to a terrific start early in the second and though the game was scrappy and lots of stoppages occurred I felt we were the better team. Our stoic defence again were rock solid and out on the wings Rach, Ness and Molly continued to break even and tackle hard. The opposition kicked their first late in the quarter and only 3 points separated the sides at half time.

Our 3rd quarter was our best. Rosh’s long kick sailed through for a great goal and Georgia, who keeps on improving,  slotted another set shot to give us a handy lead. Unfortunately, a terrible decision against Pottsy in our defensive goal square handed them a goal a handy 10 point lead was taken to the last break.

Hard nosed, tug of war, never say die footy was the order of the day in the last quarter. Our willingness to fight and meet any obstacle head on again prevailed and we were rewarded with a close fought win. Dani’s early injury made life more difficult but everyone found something to cover for her absence. A great win which is making an old coach older!!

We go into the break second on percentage and 1 game behind ladder leaders Marcellin who we play when the competition returns. The efforts of all players so far have been huge and though we are travelling well we are sore and carrying a few injuries. The Bye has come at a good time and a chance for all our squad to rest and recharge the batteries.

Well done to all – Go Bears!!

Round 9- June 16

Kew:                            0.5- 5               1.5- 11             2.10- 22           3.11- 29

Marcellin:                   1.0- 6               2.1- 13             2.1- 13             3.5- 23

Best: M. Harding, D. Calautti, D. Sibosado, M. Fay, R. Lambert, L. Barr

Goal Kickers: D. Calautti, E. Warne, K. Shaw

Back at home, against our newly rivals from Marcellin, in a top of the table clash – what more could anyone ask for!!  A couple of changes saw Elise Warne and Lingy make their debuts and just like Round 1 we were keen to do well.

Marcellin got off to a better start and had the first goal on the board. Padfield, Marcellin’s ruckman, certainly set the scene with a crunching knee to Em’s guts at the very first contest and we knew we were in for a contest. Our willingness to turn things round quickly saw us do well for the rest of the first quarter however, we could not kick that elusive goal and 5 points saw us go into the first change behind by the slightest margin. Great contributions from Rosh on the half forward line, Sibo, Mickey and Dani on ball and Parma doing a tagging role on their best on baller were all influential in us matching it with our opponents.

A tight second quarter where one goal a piece was scored signified the evenness of the contest. Our backline held firm and some run from Maire and Carter especially was pleasing. Dozer, playing her 50th game, tagged a very dangerous player extremely well and the Ayres girls gave us plenty of determination in every contest they were involved in. Losing Brucey was disappointing as she had been busy and involved but this only made us more focused to knuckle down and get the job done.

The third quarter was, in my opinion, our best. Not only did we hold Marcelin goaless but we controlled the game well. Warney kicked her first goal from a strong mark and Tara started to influence more contests. Ness, with her pace, got to more contests and played her best game and Georgia battled away well without having an influence on the scoreboard.

The last quarter started well with our ‘Power Forward’ Calautti taking a great mark in the goal square and putting us 15 points up in a low scoring affair.  This may have seen us relax a little and Marcellin to their credit found another gear to throw out a final challenge.  Shay, who had been brilliantly held by Lauren, finally broke away to give Marcellin their third goal and though some anxious moments prevailed we saw off our opponents to score a fine victory.  Pottsy’s defence and particularly her long clearances from the backline and when kicking in from a behind were pivotal and as stated before Maire was awesome all day in the way she attacked the ball.

Some final thoughts -

A really solid win!!

Even though we won we actually fell to third and the battle for places within the 4 are red hot

Again, the RESILIENCE of the group was top of the class and you can be proud of your efforts!!

Dozer reaching her 50th was another great milestone and to celebrate with a win was appropriate!!

Losing Ash has depleted our stocks a little further so our depth will be tested.

Another massive game against Melbourne Uni awaits next week – I’m sure we will meet the challenge head on!!

And finally, one of our great four legged supporters, both at training and matches, Ollie passed away on Sunday after watching the victory on Saturday. She would have been proud of your efforts – woof, woof!!

Well done to all – Go Bears!!



Round 7- May 26

Kew           0.1.1   1.2.8    2.4.16   2.4.16

St Kevins   0.1.1   1.2.8    1.5.11   2.6.18

Best: S. Wilmott, M. Harding, L. Grant, D. Calautti, D. Sibosado, M. Fay

Goal Kickers: T. Donnan, G. Markl

It had all the ingredients of a tough contest!! Last year’s runners up slowly finding their best form against a Kew side who knows no other way than to fight and scrap for every ball – and so it turned out!!

A large, long ground was always going to make kicking a big score difficult and the commitment of both teams showed a real “tug of war” was going to take place all day!! Losing Joelle, who pulled out with a sore knee before the game, didn’t help and Parma was asked to step up into the midfield. Early on their 2 big forwards gave us some real concern but to both Lauren’s, Brydie and Jorge’s efforts we battled hard to lessen their influence. Dozer set a fierce standard from the start and others followed and the 1pt apiece score line at the end of the quarter showed that no one was prepared to relent. Dani was heavily tagged and showed great concentration to get on with her game, and Mickey’s efforts did not go unnoticed. As always Em showed tremendous resilience against taller opposition and Ness, Molly and Rach were doing well through their wing rotations. Sibo got into the game more and more and we had a good share of the footy without converting it on the scoreboard.

One of our worrying trends was we very indiscriminate with our kicking. Often clear ground was made but quickly given up as we turned the ball over too regularly!! Tara kicked our only goal for the half and the teams, again, could not be split at half time.

The second half offered much of the same as both teams continued to challenge each other’s resolve but with neither team showing any sign of giving in. As always, our defence stood firm and Pottsy’s clearing kicks and Carter’s run gave us some forward momentum. Maire was being switched for forward to defence and contributed in both areas and finally, with the aid of a 25m penalty Georgia slotted our second goal and we took a handy 5pt break into the last term.

A want to handball under pressure rather than kick cost us ground in the last quarter and we failed to clear our defensive lines as well as we should have. A goal to their most dangerous forward had us trailing and though our endeavour never dropped we didn’t take our chances and a 2pt loss was a bitter pill to swallow!!

As we have acknowledged on a number of occasions this is a wonderful competition were all 8 teams are highly competitive and the result is always in the balance. Our stocks, through injury, are being tested with Brydie breaking her knuckle and now missing the best part of 5 weeks!

The absolute positive is our desire to fight every single second of each game. We try our guts out, to use an old fashion term, and the commitment shown is a great credit to you all!!

Some polish on our kicking skills and better decision making under pressure will see us continue to improve and another tough game against Fitzroy awaits – bring it on!!


Round 10- June 23

Kew:                            2.0- 12             2.0- 12             3.0- 18             4.3- 27

Marcellin:                   1.0- 6               2.2- 14             5.4- 34             6.7- 43

Best: M. Harding, D. Calautti, D. Sibosado, M. Fay, L. Ayres, L. Barr

Goal Kickers: D. Sibosado, E. Warne, T. Donnan, L. Ayres

A top of the table clash against the strong Melbourne Uni. outfit was always going to be a tough encounter and one we looked forward to. A delay to the game due to Ness’ injury in the 2’s was unfortunate but played no part to our start to the game.

And what a start it was!! 2 goals in the first 5 minutes had us off to a flyer and gave us great impetus. A long snap from Sibo and a long set shot from Warney both went through and the fast start we talked about eventuated. To their credit they settled and held us up well and a late goal to them meant the difference at quarter time was only 1 goal. Maire’s efforts at half back were pivotal to our efforts and Parma, Dani and Micky were particularly influential around the ball.

A tight, hard fought 2nd quarter followed. Neither side conceded an inch and Uni’s 1 goal was the only major for the term. Lingy was becoming more involved in the contests and our defence was as always solid. We couldn’t get anything going across half forward and this was a major factor in us not scoring for the quarter.

A big third term was needed and it came – but unfortunately for the opposition!! Their 2 dangerous forwards got into the game more and created concern for our backs and kicking 3 goals in a low scoring affair was detrimental to our overall performance. Some sloppy defence, dubious free kicks and Uni’s better team work had them winning the quarter easily. Mickey to CHF didn’t work nor did Maire up forward so at least we can say we tried a few things. Tara’s late snap after Chloe brought the ball to ground was important and sent us into 3 quarter time with a chance to snatch victory.

A big last quarter was needed and we responded well. Parma, Chloe and Dani all had set shots for goal but, unfortunately, we couldn’t convert. Finally, a clever goal from Lingy saw us draw to within 7 points and it was game on!! Again, Uni found something extra and not only held on but kicked the last goal of the game to win by 13 points. Finishing with only one fit player on the bench didn’t help but that’s footy!!

A hard loss to take and we drop to 4th – still well situated and comfortably in the top 4. However, the mounting injury toll is of grave concern and our stocks are diminishing!! Luckily, we play Trinity this week who only have 1 side as fielding a seconds team would have been problematic!! Rachel and Carter sustained hand injuries which will see them on the sidelines for quite a while. Chloe’s hand was badly bruised though she is unavailable this week and Elise returns to America to continue her studies!!

So, the opportunity will now arise for at least 3 ressies players to be promoted this week and hopefully they grab their opportunity with both hands!!

Well done to all – Go Bears!!


Round 12- July 14

Kew:                                        1.4- 10             2.6- 18             2.8- 20             5.11- 41

St Kevins:                                0.0                   0.0                   0.2- 2               0.2-2                           

Best: D. Calautti, J. Burger, M. Harding, E. Potts, M. Fay, D. Sibosado

Goal Kickers: R. Lambert, T. Donnan, D. Calautti, L. Ayres, J. Burger

A lot to look forward to in our clash against the fourth placed SKOBS

  • Burgs playing her 50th
  • Annabel Yates, a junior from our U/17 team, playing her first game
  • Issy returning from her overseas venture
  • Brydie back from her broken hand
  • Jas after 3 long months out with an ankle returning for her 1st game

But above all was the fact we needed to keep the team aspect in the fore front and make sure we won what was going to be a keenly fought contest.

We controlled the majority of the first quarter and led by a handy 10 points at the first break.  Dani was up and about and led the troupes brilliantly!! Our forward line got plenty of opportunities but unfortunately didn’t make the most of them and our lead could have been much greater. Burgs was clever with her ball use and Tara certainly got to more contests and made sure her presence was felt. Around the ball Em and Brydie combined well to compete with their bigger opponent and our backline just kept up their stingy attitude and gave nothing away. A goal to Dani was just reward for efforts!!

The second quarter was more of the same. It was good to see those who had come in or were returning didn’t take long to get into the match and our dominance over our opposition grew during this quarter.  Tara was gifted a goal through opposition lack of discipline and we had most of the play but couldn’t convert on the scoreboard. To hold a top 4 side scoreless was a fine effort.

Skobs certainly increased their intensity after ½ time and our manning up and work around stoppages was not the effort we pride ourselves on.  Again, the combined effort of all our backline was put to the test and they passed with flying colors.

The final quarter opened up and we made a good day into an excellent one!! We moved the ball quickly into the forward 50 and Ice, Lingy, Burgs and Annabel became more dangerous as the ball was bombed in. It was great to see Burgs, Lingy and Rosh all kick goals this quarter and if our team work was more to the fore another 2 or 3 goals would not have been out of the question! A convincing 39 point victory and a continuation of our positive form see us in a strong position and have us vying for top 2 if an upset can occur and we can win our last 2 matches.

Well done to all – Go Bears!!


Round 11- June 30

Kew:                                        0.2- 2               3.3- 21             5.5- 35             5.6- 36

Old Trinity:                             2.1- 13             3.2- 20             3.2- 20             4.4- 28                                    

Best: L. Barr, D. Calautti, M. Harding, E. Potts, E. O’Beirne, R. Lambert

Goal Kickers: D. Calautti (2), D. Sibosado, R. Lambert, L. Barr

Another early start and another important game!! It was imperative to respond after our loss to Melb. Uni and also to celebrate Pottsy’s 50 game milestone which led into the club’s biggest social event – no pressure!! We were forced to make a number of changes and we picked our most inexperienced team for the year. Sioniann Hayes, Hannah Sweeney, Ruby Young and Emma Casalaz all made their debut and Steds also returned. This was not only exciting but an opportunity for them to shine.

Just when you thought our luck couldn’t get any worse we were further hamstrung when Tara injured her back pre game. After courageously trying to get through the warm up our skipper had to pull out and this was a massive set back!!

The first quarter was territorially ours but OT converted their opportunities better. We had plenty of the ball but found it hard to kick a goal and were left staring at a 2 goal deficit at quarter time.

We finally got some reward in the second quarter. Rosh’s spoil and follow up hand ball to Dani saw her kick our first and then Steds quick handball to Sibo saw her add our second. A 3 goal quarter was completed when Rosh kicked deep into our forward line and Dani took a brave mark running backwards which she then coolly converted.  Pottsy, Maire and the backline as a whole were doing a magnificent job in controlling their opponents and Ness Webb had a great quarter constantly finding herself in the right position.  Mickey, Parma and Em had grabbed ascendency in the middle and overall we turned a tricky deficit into a slender half time margin.

The third quarter started with a bang and full credit to Parma for getting the team going!! Parma’s contested ball led to a long kick inside 50 which Rosh marked and then slotted truly to give us a flying start. Another midfield gather at virtually the next contest saw Parma stream out of the centre, kick long and watch the ball bounce through for 2 in 2 minutes. The rest of the quarter saw a tough, eagerly contested performance and as we have done all year we refused to give an inch!! Dozer, Jorge and Roj continued their tight checking and Loz kept their best forward goalless!! Our 15 point advantage at ¾ time was well deserved!!

The last quarter saw OT rally and reduce the deficit with a goal. However, we had too much to play for and everyone knuckled down and made sure we had a pleasing victory.  The new girls got better as the game progressed and all contributed at different stages of the game. Georgia’s last quarter was her best and showed the potential she has. Molly competed well all day on the wing and Lingy, under duress, tried hard all day.

It was great to chair Pottsy off and celebrate her 50th in style. Even more pleasing, from a team aspect, is that we have almost certainly sewed up a place in the four and will now play finals!!

We need to finish off the season well and try to grab 1 of the top 2 spots if possible and see how far we can go!!

The nights festivities went well and I apologise for my dance moves – thankfully you all move better than that on the footy field!!

Enjoy a well, earned break and its back to work on Thursday!!

Well done to all – Go Bears!!


Round 13- July 21

Caulfield Grammarians:                     0.0                   1.1- 7               4.1- 25             5.1- 31

Kew:                                                    2.3- 15             5.7- 37             5.9- 39             6.11- 47                                  

Best: M. Fay, M. Harding, L. Barr, I. Harding, G. Wignall, B. Carmichael

Goal Kickers: D. Sibosado (2), L. Barr, I. Harding, D. Calautti, K. Shaw

A game against the bottom of the ladder Caufield Grammarians awaited us this week and was I keen for everyone to know that ladder positions did not reflect our oppositions ability. Lucinda and Maso were deservedly picked to play their first games and the team got off to a pleasing start!!

Our first half was nearly our best for the year in terms of our structure and ability to control the game. Behind the ball we set up extremely well defensively and were able to propel the ball back into our attacking 50 on numerous occasions. Brydie, taking over from the snow bound Em, gave us great energy around the ground and our on ballers, Micky, Sibo, Parma and Dani all continued their solid form.  Up forward Tara provided presence and Issy slotted well into the forward line in her second game back. Maire led our defence brilliantly and come half time we had a well earned 5 goal lead that could have been even greater!!

The third quarter, though disappointing, was important from seeing what can happen when you lose focus. Caufield came out and worked extremely hard and our intensity dropped off and the result was there for all to see. Lack of discipline, poor marking, silly free kicks and in 10 minutes our opposition had kicked 3 goals to put themselves right back in the match.

This is an aspect of the game that could not have been better exhibited and showed why we must work hard for 100% of the match – in reflection this is not such a bad thing to happen if we learn from it!!

The last quarter was better and though we only kicked 1 goal our focus returned and we were able to get back to the basics and efforts that have made our season so successful so far.

Pleasingly we debuted another 2 players, Issy and Jas got another game under their belt, Brydie showed that she could battle both her opponents and injury in a solid performance and our backline, again, did a sterling job for the majority of the game.

With one home and away match to go we sit third but still in with a chance to finish in the top 2!!

Well done to all – Go Bears!!

Round 14- July 28

Kew:                    2.0.12       3.4.22        7.8.50       9.10.64

Old Xavs:            2.0. 12      3.1.19        6.1.37        6.3.39

Best: M. Harding, K. Shaw, L. Grant, D. Calautti, L. Barr, T. Donnan

Goal Kickers: K. Shaw (5), D. Calautti (2), G. Markl, L. Plisko

A lot of interest in the last round regarding ladder positions worried the coach as I was concerned we weren’t focused on what needed to be done. Our theme of “FOCUS” was mentioned often and our aim was to finish the season well.

Old Xavs played one of their better sides and immediately grabbed our attention with their willingness to play an open brand of footy. Our manning up could have been much better and as such we went into quarter time even and with a real challenge on our hands.

The second quarter was more of the same and our fluency was just not quite there. Glimpses of great play from Dani, Micky, Parma and Tara up forward saw us take a slender lead into half time.

Our third quarter opened up well and we kicked 4 goals to 1 to take a handy lead. Unfortunately, Xavs were able to find a little bit more life towards the of the quarter and kicked 2 goals late to reduce the margin and have a genuine chance to cause an upset.

Our attention to detail and disciplined footy saw us contain our opposition and win the last quarter comfortably to record a 4 goal victory. It was good to finish strong but overall a few areas still need attention.

Dani and Mickey continued their excellent form and together with Parma have formed a very strong on ball group.  Our backline was solid without being spectacular with the exception being Loz who played very well to take one of their better players out of the game.

Up forward Tara worked very hard to offer an option and provide a target to hit and Rosh obtain quite a few possessions but was not her lethal self in front of goal.

However, the goal kicking star of the day was ‘ICE!’  She kicked them from snaps, long range, towering marks and had her most productive match of the year – great to see!! (5 all up!)

Having consolidated 3rd place we now face SKOBS in an elimination final. Our best will be extremely competitive and hopefully we can go deep into the finals series.

Well done to all – Go Bears!!

Elimination Final- August 5

Kew                        1.4.10       1.7.13       2.8.20       2.10.22

SKOBS.                  1.0.6         1.2.8        1.4.10        1.6.12

Best: M. Harding, L. Ayres, L. Grant, D. Calautti, L. Barr, D. Sibosado

Goal Kickers: K. Shaw, I. Harding

The business end of the season had arrived and another encounter against Skobs was our task. Great excitement had built up throughout the week and a real desire to do well was clearly evident in the teams demeanour.

SKOBS team was much stronger than the one we faced 3 weeks ago and a tough encounter was expected – and so it turned out!!

The opening quarter was all about contested ball and to see who could wrestle ascendency. Skobs got the initial break and kicked the first goal of the game but to our credit a long bomb into the goal square saw Ice kick one off the ground and we went into the first break with a slender lead. Georgia’s involvement and willingness to run was her best for the year!!

Dani, Mickey and Parma were working extremely hard on ball and their efforts ensured that our opposition would not have an easy day. Loz kept her tall opponent very quiet which was important and Pottsy again controlled the defence in an organized manner.  Up forward Tara was winning her share of the footy but unfortunately couldn’t convert and we increased our lead slightly at the main break.

It was great to see our players respond again after half time. Lingy continued her improvement, Ness got more involved, Molly put the clamps on 38 who had hurt us in the first half and Sibo was Sibo!!  Issy’s long kick kept going and going and thankfully bounced through to bring up the only goal of the term and left us with a handy lead at ¾ time.

As has been our trademark for much of the season the willingness to fight and tough it out no matter what the situation again came to the fore in the last quarter. Kicking against the wind we held our opponents goalless and ran out 10 point winners.

So many positives came out of the game.

Joelle came back to make us better and she got through the game unscathed.

Our trust in one another continues to grow.

Everyone committed to the cause and knew their role.

Making a Preliminary is a wonderful achievement – but the belief is that there is more to come!!

Melbourne Uni will be our opponents and the challenge will be huge but I am certain it will be grasped with both hands and no matter what the result we will give a great account of ourselves.

Many thanks to all the players, families, supporters and Balloo who came to watch and cheer us on – it is both recognized and appreciated!!

Thanks to all that continue to help on match day to make life easier!!

EXCITING – Go Bears!!

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